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Season 6 Announcement & Company Update

In this mini-episode of the Product Science Podcast, Holly & her team share some news about changes at H2R Product Science and the upcoming season, Season 6, of the podcast.

H2R Product Science started in 2017 as a solo venture, but over the years we have evolved the model and grown the team. There were some rough spots, especially during the COVID years, but it feels like we’ve finally got our groove back to pre-pandemic levels, and we’re celebrating with a rebrand to The Product Science Group.

The Product Science Group words framed by a hexagon
Our new logo

In this mini-episode of the podcast, Holly introduces team members Dina Levitan and Mark Enache, who share some stories about working with Product Science Group clients. Holly also tells us about changes coming for Season 6 of the Product Science Podcast - video, shorter episodes, and a new Lab Notes section.

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